2017 - Ten gifts for visual people

At Graphic Change we love creative gifts and love giving people something unusual that lasts longer than the holidays. It's not too late to drop a hint to Santa for yourself either. So here's our 2017 curation of 10 delicious, creativity-inspiring gifts out there this season. And all without spending money at the A word. Enjoy!


Gadgets, Games and Gizmos

If you know a gadget nerd and/or a lover of delicious technical drawings of inventions, this beautiful book is for them.


Sketchnote Calendar 2018

For the aspiring sketchnoter in your life, this full-size calendar is full of monthly tips. Whether it's how to draw hands (notoriously hard) or sketchrecipes, there's an opportunity to learn from the inspirational Eva-Lotta Lamm, amongst others. Who wouldn't want to? (PS this is in German)


Pencil Socks

From the Literary Gift Company (worth a look for book-lovers), these socks champion the beginning of many visual journeys...the humble HB pencil. Never need sharpening either.




Of course Pictionary is the ultimate holiday board game for visual thinkers. You just know your team is going to triumph and win that last precious quality street.


Animation Studio 

This animation kit from creative educator Helen Piercy gives adults and children everything they need to make their own stop motion classics, including a fold-out stage set and a guide to 2D and 3D effects. To get shooting simply add a pencil and paper (or a lump of modelling clay), a mobile phone, and a dollop of imagination.


Grids & Guides Notepads

...for Visual Thinkers. This year they also do notebooks, but we like the portability and tear-off nature of the notepads. A thoughtful gift for the person who still loves analogue visual thinking.



If you know someone who likes to wear their art on their sleeve (see what we did there?), these art supplies-themed temporary tattoos are a no-pain option.


Eye backpack

If you know a visual thinker who needs a new bag to carry their kit in, this Kenzo Multi-eye backpack is a stylish (our polite way of saying expensive) and subtle option. For a slightly less costly option, there's an umbrella, tie and wallet in the range.


Field Notes sketchbooks

Chigaco-based Field Notes celebrated its tenth anniversary this year. They produce high-quality, often limited edition, stylish 3-pack notebooks, and have become our go-to small sketch/ notebook of choice on the go. If you don't want to wait for US delivery, the delicious Cult Pens (the best UK pen shop in our humble opinion) stocks an ever-changing range. 


Berol Colourfine Felt Pen

Yes, we know there are fancier options out there, but we think you can't go wrong with the humble Berol felt pen. If you haven't seen them since school, buy one and get reacquainted. The fine nib is perfect for sketch noting, small scale graphic recording and general doodling. And a box of 12 is just over a fiver. Available in ten different colours, but black is best.

None of our links are affiliate, in fact, none of our ideas are actual recommendations (we have no idea if they will fall apart next week)...we're a visual studio, not Which magazine. We just want to share some inspiriation.