Cara Holland is one of the leading graphic recorders / graphic facilitators in the UK today running a small studio that works with some of the biggest brands in the world.

Since setting up Graphic Change a decade ago she has worked with clients around the world, from global brands such as Sony, Google, Microsoft, GSK and TimeWarner to well-known charity organisations like The Children's Society, RedR and Macmillan Cancer Support, as well as leading public and education sector organisations including local authorities, schools, universities, the BBC and the NHS.

Whilst our clients are diverse, they all have a common drive to communicate better in an exciting, engaging way within their organisations and with their customers. (You can see more of our awesome clients here).

graphic change

Cara’s passion for effective, creative and visual communication was honed in the workplace, where for many years she managed diverse teams, set up projects and delivered results by working visually. So she knows the tangible benefits this way of working brings, even in challenging environments.

graphic change visual champion
"My ambition is to get as many individuals and organisations as possible to become visual champions. 
I want everyone to experience the benefits of working visually, making communication more accessible and collaborative"
Cara Holland - Director

Cara works alongside co director Natasha (who has a background in change management and programme delivery) along with a small team of brilliant associates who all share her passion for working visually.

When Graphic Change was born, the practice of working visually was beginning to emerge in the UK. We are now seeing a huge growth in business awareness of the benefits of this way of working, and we are excited to play an enthusiastic part in the move to making working visually mainstream, not an exception.

Cara's first book, Draw a Better Business - the Essential Visual Thinking Toolkit for Small Businesses is about to be published. If you'd like to be kept up-to-date with the launch of this book and accompanying worksheet, etc., sign up to our watchlist