Be a Graphic Recorder


Imagine being able to capture someone's most important messages and turn them into an engaging picture? Drawing live and in real time? That's graphic recording. 

Graphic recording turns the themes and discussions of meetings and events into memorable, engaging, big pictures that can be cascaded through a company, shared with stakeholders and referred to long after the event.

Perhaps you're already working visually and want to improve your skills at capturing conversations as they happen. Perhaps you're already a Graphic Recorder and you want to stretch your skills and take a fresh look with like-minded people.

Whatever your skill level you will get the most from this course if you a) have some understanding of what Graphic Recording is, and b) feel comfortable drawing basic icons and images. (If not you might want to start with our free 5 day Draw More Boot Camp.)

In just 5 hours a week for 5 weeks you can learn the basics you need to become a live graphic recorder. Online.

You have a unique opportunity to learn from one of the most experienced practitioners out there, all from the comfort of your home or office!

"I have spent the last 10 years being hired by companies such as Google, TimeWarner, Barclays and the NHS to capture their conversations, ideas and plans into engaging visuals. I know what is involved and most importantly I know where the challenges are because I've been there. 

This course will take you through the key elements of Graphic Recording that I get asked about the most: knowing what to draw? knowing where to put it? and knowing how to make it look good and make sense." Cara Holland, tutor


Next start date:  16th July 2018

Further dates: 15th October 2018

Format: Online learning with additional live community group and tutor feedback

Individual feedback: Yes - feedback throughout the course

Duration of course: 5 weeks

Quantity of work: approx 5 hours per week

Certificate: Yes

Cost = Β£360

(*Please note that the cost and the structure of the course is changing to after 16th July)

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  • Once you've joined you will get a password to access our private class community space.
  • Lessons are posted up in the class space for you to see. Work in your own time, in just 5 hours a week (recommended).
  • I share my experience from over 10 years of graphic recording for clients and give you a series of exercises designed to stretch your thinking and improve your practice.
  • When you complete an exercise you can share it in the community group where I can see your work and offer you feedback, advice and support to help you get the most out of the lessons.
  • You will have 1 week of extra drawing skills to work through, then 4 weeks of exercises that focus on creating a graphic recording. Of course you can share your thoughts and your work with me and with the group as you go.
  • Once you have completed the course you will get a certificate. Then go out into the world and Be a Graphic Recorder!
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The best reason is that it's awesome!  Of course that might not be enough for you to build a business case, so here are some more reasons...

Working visually is becoming increasingly valued in the work place and Graphic Recording is frequently being used by companies to help them communicate, capture and engage more effectively with their audience.

Graphic recording adds a creative edge to meetings and events which makes it easier for participants to tap into their own creative thinking. As the graphic grows people see their experience become part of the visual record, helping them to feel included, heard and valued. 

The graphic recording makes connections and highlights themes that might not otherwise be apparent, which adds to the richness of the discussions taking place. And the finished graphic record creates a memorable summary document that people want to share, keeping your valuable information alive in the organisation.

If you work within an organisation wanting to capture live information creatively, or you want to be a graphic recorder with your own clients, then you will benefit from this course.

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A series of practical lessons, skills and insights take you on a journey which explores how to create impactful graphic records.

Cara Holland shares her 10+ years of professional graphic recording experience with you, and walks you through her process step-by-step. Hands-on exercises and thoughtful reflection will move your graphic recording skills onto the next level, whatever your starting point.

The course is split into five modules.

Module 1 - Introduction - drawing skills. Adding character to basic icons.

Module 2 - You - looking at your unique skills and setting your graphic recording benchmark. You'll also be exploring how to get the most from an agenda, and how to set the tone.

Module 3 -  Fundamental skills - This module focuses on the core fundamental skills of listening, filtering, translating and laying out your page.

Module 4 - Making sense of it all - This module explores content relationships and how you can help your visual page make sense to your audience.

Module 5 - Finishing touches - Play around with scale and continuity. Finesse your style and learn from some of my real life disasters as a graphic recorder!

"For an online course, I thought this was excellent, as many of them are just videos and no real feedback from an expert. Thank you for your support."  Tricia - Student 2018