Graphic recording services

graphic recording, sketchnoting, scribing

We produce visuals of all sizes, from portable A3 foamboard up to large paper several metres long. They give an immersive experience in a deep dive session, and give participants the opportunity to view and interact with the work.

Alternatively some people prefer a sketchnote approach, allowing us to work small and have the output photographed and emailed to you while the session is still in progress.


Your time is valuable. You spend resources and energy having important conversations and generating exciting ideas then find they don't always stick or have the impact you were hoping for.

Creative content capture can make a big difference to the effectiveness of your communications. My team of hand picked associates and I attend meetings and conferences of all types, drawing live conversations as they happen.


Capturing your content visually has lots of benefits:

1.  Your communication is easier to understand, which is great for diverse workforces and communities.

2. People remember the content for longer.

3. People will be more engaged with the conversation during the meeting, feeling part of the story.

4. Creative thinking is increased.

5. Content is easily cascaded and shared after the event. ditch the illegible flipcharts and dusty minutes and instead have conversations that look like this...