Clip art, illustrations and hand-drawn whiteboard animation


Animations / Explainer videos

Turning your communication into a exciting hand drawn whiteboard animation or explainer video is an attention-grabbing way to share key information with your audience.

We work with you to refine your story and translate it into images. We film the live drawing, adding music or voice-overs presenting you with a finished video to share.




Whether you want illustrations for an internal training handbook, your annual report or a social media campaign, we can help. We have helped people win pitches and awards with our engaging illustrations.

Our illustrations help communicate ideas and start conversations.

We have illustrated for companies such as the General Medical Council, the RSA, the NHS, Cut-e and East Coast Mainline, helping them get across key messages visually.


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graphic recording, visual thinking, illustration

Clip art

graphic recording, visual thinking, bespoke clip art

Bespoke clip art can really set your presentations and documents apart, giving your communications more relevance, more personality and of course making them stand out in the crowd.

We can work with you to identify your key images, creating a set of visuals that will make you proud and save you time and frustration next time you're putting together a document.


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