Women are awesome

It's International Women's Day 2017, and today feels like the perfect opportunity to celebrate women everywhere doing their thing, running awesome businesses and making it happen.

So, I thought I'd share with you a bit of a 'behind the scenes' insight into our business, and a few of the awesome women that have helped us make it all happen in the last year.

First things first, in case we've not met yet...


I'm Cara and I founded Graphic Change (way back in 2006) and I've been drawing up a storm, and generally getting ink everywhere, ever since. The other half of the business is Natasha. My Co-Director (and wife), Natasha is a change expert and general productivity whizz.


Laura is our go-to film crew. She runs Fuzzfox, a creative video production company that helps us capture and edit our hand drawn animations.

She is cool under pressure and has a brilliant eye for those editing touches that really help to bring our work to life.



Esther from Esther Cox's Kiosk is an awesome illustrator and all-round creative genius. A handy person to know.

She's helped us out with everything from creating a beautiful map of Mexico for a major corporate presentation to helping me work through book cover ideas.

Sam is our photographer. She runs Appature Images and is currently trying to help me overcome my aversion to having my photo taken so that I can have a fit for purpose head shot!

I'm also going to book her for some shots of the new office as she's got a great eye for photographing buildings.



Alex from Line Dot Creative created our beautiful logo. I love it. She's also teaching me how to use InDesign at the minute, which takes the patience of a saint.

Alex is an all-round creative whose work ranges from providing trend-setting insights to designing fabulous websites to business rebrands.

Last year Debbie Dooodah gave me some much needed clarity around social media tasks that felt like they were getting out of hand. The right advice at the right time really does make a difference.

Debbie is a social media specialist who works with women in business to help them get the most out of their digital presence. 



Last but not least, Lyn is our trusty accountant and we've been working with her since the early days of the business.

She is the founder of Belsoft Strategic Accounting and is a font of accounting wisdom and organisation. We simply wouldn't survive without her! 

Of course this isn't a definitive list. There's Juli who makes a mean gin and tonic, and Ju who does a good line in breakfasts. Both of these talented women have been part of our graphiking team for almost 10 years, so feel more like family, and Catherine is our newest graphiker who joined us just this year.

Altogether a wonderful collection of women who are running their own businesses, and in turn, helping us to run our's better. Thank you.

Getting the work done and keeping the world turning. 

Women are awesome.

Cara works with individuals and businesses helping them to get the benefits of working visually, and is author of the upcoming book Draw a Better Business.  If you want to find out more about working visually and how it can strengthen your business get in touch.

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