It’s really exciting to have our new website up and running; I hope you like it. Everyone who has a website knows that it doesn’t happen by magic and that lots of thought and time (not to mention money) gets invested in trying to create the perfect site. We do it because good sites make business sense right?

You want a site that shows the world “here I am!” “yes, I’m just what you’re looking for…”. You want a site that helps your existing and future clients understand how your services can benefit them and how they can access these benefits. You want a site that helps your business to flourish.

illustration by Cara Holland

We know it’s important that the outside world ‘hears’ us if we are going to succeed. In fact we can go one step further than that… we know it’s really important that the outside world hears and understands our messages, whether it’s the good cause we are promoting or our latest product launch. Without being ‘heard’ no one will know who we are and what we can offer them.

I'm passionate about developing our visual language and visual thinking skills, and it got me thinking… we could speak louder, or more often… but perhaps there is something else to consider before you start shouting.

Whatever your business is, and whoever your customers are, you can bet an awful lot of them will be visually absorbing your information as well as just ‘reading’ your content. So if you’re not a visual business, have you paid enough attention to how you are ‘seen’ as well as ‘heard’?

You might not know it but what your site visually says about you and your service can be more important than all of the other elements combined. The ‘Picture Superiority Effect’ (evolved from work by people such as Alan Paivio’s exploration of how our mind retains information) has shown that concepts are much more likely to be understood and remembered if they are presented in pictures rather than words.

As a Graphic Recorder and a Graphic Facilitator I get to see how effective working visually is for businesses every day. In fact our brain is so geared up for absorbing visual messages it really is a shame not to take advantage of it. 

So next time you are reviewing your website, pay some well needed attention to how you are being seen if you really want to be heard.