Taking the brave step

Last week it was World Book Day, and this year it coincided with a particularly timely email landing in my inbox. The email was from my publisher and it seemed innocent enough. It said something along the lines of, "when will you have the final manuscript to me?".


Now those of you who have written a book will back me up here, writing a book can be hard going. It's a big old task, and one that for someone who is a bit of an introvert, can feel a bit like walking onto a stage, naked and vulnerable to the view of an unseen audience.

But, I do want the book finished.


I want to get some of the thoughts that have been rattling around my head for years, out of my head and into the world. I want to share the lessons I've learned about working visually in business with anyone, and everyone, who might glean a useful nugget they can apply in their own business. I mean that is why I do what I do! I want the world to draw more and get all the benefits of working visually. So as exposing as it all is, I knew I needed to commit...to an actual deadline.

So I was brave. 

"The end of March", I replied. Just over 4 weeks. It feels like a huge step.

A colossal commitment, both terrifying and overwhelming, which of course got me thinking...about bravery.

Today (5th March) our free online course, Draw More Boot Camp, opens its virtual doors again to welcome a new group of students. I launched the boot camp as a safe first stepping stone for all the people out there who think they "can't draw", and who know that this is holding them back from getting the benefits of being more visual in their work, whatever business they're in. 

For some people the boot camp takes a great deal of bravery to enter in to, but I ask them to put their trust in me. Trust me to help them start a journey of rediscovering their innate creative, visual selves.

In the last few months almost 250 people have been brave and signed up to the boot camp. To me that's a big deal. I've seen the results, and I know that the bravery pays off tenfold as people see just how far that first step takes them.

So for the next 4 weeks I'm going to keep all the brave boot campers in mind. I'm going to commit. I'll drag my chair and my laptop up onto that scary stage and get this book finished.

Wish me luck.

Cara works with individuals and businesses helping them to get the benefits of working more visually, and is author of the upcoming book Draw a Better Business. If you want to be the first to hear when Cara's book is out, you can sign up to our waiting list.

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