Can't draw - can work visually

It must be no surprise that I'm a big advocate of working visually. There is plenty of evidence out there. Working visually helps more people understand information more easily and remember it for longer. It engages people with key messages, helping them feel connected and valued, and it helps groups align their thinking even in challenging situations.

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On top of all that, people usually love to see visuals at work. Meetings where we create graphic records make people smile. People come over to look closer, to look again, to ask for a copy, to share it a work setting that is really powerful stuff...what's not to love?

So if all that is true...why doesn't everybody work this way all of the time?

Sadly one of the most common things people say to me is "I can't draw".

Of course I then explain how the drawings I do are actually quite simple. In fact HOW I draw is no where near as important as WHAT I draw. That you may never be an artist but that's okay, you can still learn to work visually and get the benefits that come with that. That in fact how to work visually is teachable and no drawing skills are required.

Which is when people typically say..."no, you don't understand, I REALLY can't draw".

Every time someone says this to me it makes me sad. I know that in a decade of teaching people to work visually I've never met someone who can't conquer the basics. In fact I've met many people who unbeknownst to them, have a great deal of talent, and yet, a large percentage of adults are convinced that their lack of success at O'Level / GCSE art means that anything resembling drawing is definitely (and I mean definitely) not for them.

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If this sounds like you; if you wish you could work visually but know you can't because you were once told you were rubbish at art, I understand. I do. But I want you to know that the world of working visually is much bigger than the world of people who are good at art, and yes, you most certainly can join in.

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