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*New* Next Level Boot Camp

This is our follow on course from the Draw More Boot Camp.

We will take your functional drawing skills to the next level, giving you the confidence you need to work visually!

If you haven't done the free Draw More Boot Camp, but you're happy drawing stick people, arrows and simple shapes then you can jump straight in to the Next Level.

Our 8 simple lessons are easy to follow, with step-by-step information, along with mini videos that show you how to do it.

Lessons cover: containers, connectors, environments, text, people, characters, colour and much more, all with an aim to improving your functional drawing skills and getting you more confidence uncapping the marker pens for work or studies.

Each lesson even has an optional Level Up challenge exercise so you can push yourself, if you're feeling confident and ready for more, or come back and do the more advanced exercises when you've had more practice. That makes this the course that keeps on giving!

You'll be supported by a tutor by posting your work on Twitter or Insta using #nextlevelbootcamp @graphicchange, or by typing your questions into our unique Ask the Tutor question fields dotted throughout your course. The tutor will respond directly and privately to you within your course. That makes this course brilliant value!

With all the flexibility of online learning plus access to an expert, we think this course is a perfect next step to take your functional drawing to the Next Level!

Cost: just £60 inc. VAT

This is a self paced course, so you can join the course and begin the lessons anytime.

Once you've joined the Next Level course, you'll get access to the course through the online Graphic Change Academy, where we'll open up some more exciting free insider content for you:

  • your course content (available to you for 3 months)
  • Draw More Boot Camp content
  • my recommended visual thinker starter book list
  • my full visual worker kit list