Next Level Boot Camp


Next Level Boot Camp


One place on our online course Next Level Boot Camp

Total cost £60.00 - ( £50 + £10 UK VAT)

This is a self paced course that can be started anytime..

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Terms and conditions apply. You will need to sign up to these to book on the course.

If you want to make a group booking, please get in touch.

This course is included FREE as part of Be a Graphic Recorder and Be a Visual Facilitator.

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Course details:

The total course cost is £60.00 This is made up of £50 + £10 UK VAT

Please note that this course is included as FREE bonus content on the Be a Graphic Recorder and the Be a Visual Facilitator courses. 

This course is online with the opportunity to share your work and get tutor feedback. 

To get the certificate of completion you must evidence you have completed the course.

As this is an online self paced course, the content is available to you shortly after booking. No refunds are available. 

Course content is copyright and should not be shared.

Please read the full Terms and Conditions here. You will have to sign up to them to join the course.

Please note, if you are joining from a country outside the UK but inside the EU, you will need to let us know if you are a business and provide your VAT number. You will be asked for this information when you book your place.

If you want to make a group booking, please get in touch.