Bring your content to life. Work with us.


We have over 12 years of experience working with organisations of all sizes and types. From TimeWarner and Microsoft to exciting start ups and SMEs, we can help you get all the benefits of working visually. Whether you want us to train your team to work and think more visually, work strategically with your L&D, HR or Comms teams, or capture your content into impactful visuals for your organisation, then read on...


We want everyone to work more visually but we know most people have never been shown how. So here at the Graphic Change Academy we train you and your teams to uncap your marker pens and become #VisualChampions.


Live or remote capture of key content at events and meetings. Whether it's real-time graphic recording or sketchnoting we can turn your conversations and content into engaging visuals. We beat boring old minutes every time.


Need to generate a lot of ideas fast? Want to spark creative thinking, clarify your vision or engage staff in your change journey? We work creatively with you and your organisation to deliver real change with visual tools.


We create resources with impact: illustrations and hand drawn animations that can give your presentations, reports and campaigns real personality. We can help you tell your story, engage your audience and stand out in the crowd.


Just some of the amazing people we've drawn with:

“Thank you for your incredible graphic narration”

Alaa Murabit - UN High-Level Commissioner