We are a visual thinking studio using our creativity to strengthen your business.

 Graphic recording and facilitation services

We started Graphic Change® in 2006, with the aim of sharing our visual thinking knowledge and skills with businesses and individuals.

We draw, we create, we teach and we work in partnership with awesome organisations, helping them generate, capture and deliver information creatively.

We are one of the leading graphic recording and facilitation studios in the UK today, using our experience and skills to help you communicate and engage the most effectively.


We want everyone to work more visually but we know most people have never been shown how. So here at the Graphic Change® Academy we have a range of options to train you and your teams to uncap your marker pens and #DrawMore.


Graphic recording live at your meetings and events to capture your key content and engage your people. We turn your conversations into engaging visuals that will keep working for you and your business long after the event. 


Need to generate a lot of ideas fast? Want to spark creative thinking, clarify your vision or engage staff in your change journey? We work creatively with you and your organisation to deliver real change using visual tools.


For resources with impact we create illustrations and hand drawn animations that give your presentations, reports and campaigns real personality. We can help you tell your story, engage your audience and stand out in the crowd.


Here are some of the amazing people we've drawn with:

“Thank you for your incredible graphic narration”

Alaa Murabit - UN High-Level Commissioner