Graphic Change Academy

We believe that everyone can benefit from the power of working visually. Working visually gives you communications that are engaging and easy to retain.

We offer practical online courses that will soon get you uncapping your marker pens. This is no ordinary online training. Whether you're an individual, team or a whole organisation, step-by-step tutorials take you through everything you need to know across a range of visual practices. You get access to our online community and individual feedback as your work progresses to ensure you get the most out of the course.




Draw Deliver Engage - Unlock your Visual Language Skills

Our DRAW, DELIVER, ENGAGE course is the perfect place to start if you want to unlock your visual language skills and learn all the basics. The course gives you the drawing skills and the practical know-how to get you working visually straight away.

"I loved the course. It made me more confident about using visual techniques in my work."



graphic recording working visually training

Hands on and fun interactive training for groups and teams, our introduction to graphic facilitation training take place over 1 or 2 days. This session is for groups of 6 or more who want a team learning experience that will elevate your comms and give you lasting skills to implement in the workplace. 

"The most fun I've had at work!"


Capture Conversations Brilliantly - Be a Graphic Recorder

If you want to CAPTURE CONVERSATIONS BRILLIANTLY and be a Graphic Recorder then this course is a great skills boost. Drawing on over a decade of experience drawing live at meetings and events, I will join you on a journey designed to get you really thinking about your practice and moving it on to the next level.

"Cara is a brilliant trainer."



graphic recording training

If you want a learning experience tailored just for you then 1-1 coaching can give you the skills and confidence you need. If you're just starting out or are already a visual practioner we have intense 1 day courses and Skype coaching sessions that will suit you.

"When you want to provide the best for your clients, you have to learn from the best yourself."